HPP Series Laser Diode Pulser

The HPP laser diode pulser is a new concept in pulsed diode driver development. Designed to be used with the LDD series drivers as the power source, the HPP pulser can deliver up to 350 amps of output current with full protection of the laser diode. Pulse widths of ≤50µs to CW can be achieved with rise/fall times of >10µs and repetition rates to 5kHz. A CW simmer current of up to 10 amps is available.

Control of the HPP pulser via the standard 15 pin analog / TTL interface includes inputs for enable, trigger, output current, simmer voltage and CW / pulsed operation. The output is fully protected against open and short circuits along with overtemp.

THe HPP pulser enhances Lumina Power’s complete line of laser diode driver products from 10 watts to 6000 watts.

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    • Pulsed current to 350 amps
    • Average output power 750W / 6kW
    • Compliance Voltage: 10 to 120V
    • <10µs Rise/Fall time
    • Advanced diode protection
    • CW simmer mode available
    • >90% Efficiency
    • Continuously modulate current, pulse width and frequency